Monday, 1 February 2010

Cheater cheater pumpkin eater

I'm angry with myself today. Really angry.

I did so well last week. Perfect eating. No alcohol. Went to the gym. Generally felt so good about myself. Then Saturday night comes and I drink so much alcohol and get so drunk. Plus I ate some peanuts. Then yesterday I had a bag of crisps.

I'm so disappointed in myself and am literally dreading weighing in tomorrow now. I always do this to myself. I always sabotage myself with alcohol and junk food. I know it was only a few peanuts and one bag of crisps. The old me would have guzzled far more than that. But I'm still gutted.

I'll just have to hope that perfect Slimming World eating today and tomorrow can remedy what I've done.



spiralling_down said...

Oh, don't worry about things like that! That's exactly what your syns are for :) There's a woman at our group, who eats crisps and chocolate as part of her syns all week long, then with whatever she has left over by Wednesday when we have weigh-in, she goes home and has a pizza, or a chippy dinner....And this woman has lost just short of SIX STONE! Never worry about little slip ups, as it can always be rectified somewhere in the week. Whenever I get drunk, I seem to lose more! Probably because my body appreciates a change from the norm! Good luck, and keep at it :)

Helen said...

Aww thanks for that! Just what I needed to hear! I still managed to lose 3 pounds this week so I can't have been too bad.