Thursday, 9 June 2011

The One Where I Come Clean

Well. Here we are.

It's been three months since my last post and, erm, there's no excuse really. Other than I've been struggling. But even that's not an entirely accurate excuse. I've had good weeks and bad weeks. Good days and bad days. Good hours and bad hours.

I just don't seem to have the same iron willpower that I had last year. Maybe it's because I'm fairly happy with how I look? Maybe it's because the weight just doesn't seem to fall off like it used to? Who knows.

I am on plan at the moment but, if I'm honest, it's not 100%. There are syns here and there that I don't count. There are bad decisions I make that I never would have made last year. If wine is on offer, I'll have it, rather than asking for a gin and slimline tonic. If I order a burger, I'll eat the bun. I never would have done that last year.

So, I guess what I'm trying to say is... I'm still here. Still trying. Just not succeeding like I was last year.

The last weight I posted here was 159 pounds. I'm currently 160 pounds. So I guess, if nothing else, I've done a STERLING job of maintaining my weight. That at least gives me hope that, when I finally hit target, I should be able to stay there, with the odd fluctuation now and again.

I am going to start posting again weekly, whether it's good or bad news. I've realised that it's about the long game, not instant results. It's a marathon, not a sprint, and I will see it through to the end. Whether that end is in a few weeks, a few months or a year.