Friday, 12 February 2010

When white bread attacks

White bread is my nemesis.

I don't even like it *that* much but, when I'm trying to lose weight, I crave hot buttered toast, garlic baguettes and ham sandwiches made with thick white bread. The sort of thick white bread that is unbelievably bad for you but that tastes divine.

White bread came back to bite me on the ass today.

For my lunch I bought some hotpot from the sandwich shop next to my office. I know that the hotpot is pretty much syn free so it's my Friday treat. The only problem is the half white baguette that you get included in the price. I should have told the lovely old man behind the counter that I didn't want the bread. I didn't. I should have thrown the bread in the bin when I got back to the office. I didn't. Instead I ate my hotpot and told myself that I wasn't going to eat the bread. I even felt smugly virtuous about it.

Then I ate it.

I know it's not the end of the world. Really I do. I've only had 6 of 7 syns over the last couple of days. But I don't know how many syns were in it, so I don't know how to make allowances for it.

Silly girl.


b'ahava said...

I live in a breadless home.

sometimes it's really hard, but it works out to my advantage... unless we buy bagels. Then I figure a bagel for breakfast for a couple mornings will be fine, because by the end of the day I'll 'burn' those calories.

ugh bread products.

Helen said...

Breadless by choice or because of allergies?

Friday was the first time I'd had bread in weeks.

I can't even think about bagels without putting on weight!

b'ahava said...

by choice, I guess. it just kinda happened! and I haven't always missed it, but there are days where I think about wanting to make something with bread... then I create some alternative that could work.

ugh, bagels <3 hahahaha

Candytangerine said...

Then i ate it ! so good so funny ! and what I would have ended up doing <3