Thursday, 13 May 2010

A Slimming World Day...

A few people have asked me how I'm actually losing the weight 'so fast' (I don't think I'm losing it fast at all but there you go) so I thought I'd write a little 'A Day in the Life of' type post.

I do mainly red days with a couple of green days thrown in here and there. I started off doing extra easy but I feel like I have better losses doing red and green (plus sometimes I just really don't want to eat fruit or vegetables as a third of my meal!) and I fear I eat too much and not in the right proportions when I do extra easy.


Generally I eat breakfast at my desk at work. I can't usually stomach food very early in the morning (unless it's a McDonald's breakfast and, sadly, they're forbidden!), plus I'd rather have a few more minutes in bed and then run out of the door in a mad panic because I've fallen back to sleep. I just like the risk element. Haha.

I usually have a Muller Light with chopped up fruit or frozen berries. I tend to have strawberries and apple if I'm using fresh fruit and the frozen berries are just Sainbury's basics. They're nothing fancy but they're tasty and only cost about £1. I find that, because the fruit is frozen, it takes me absolutely ages to eat the whole bowl. Therefore I'm usually absolutely stuffed by the time I manage it and it generally sees me through to lunch time.

Mid Morning Snack:

If I'm a bit peckish around 11am then I'll have some more fruit. Generally I have a whole grapefruit or another apple. Or, if I've been organised and nipped to the supermarket then I'll have some pomegranate or melon. If I'm having two Alpen Light bars as one of my Healthy Bs then I'll have one (or both) of these now too. If I'm feeling like a glutten for punishment then I'll have 5 scan bran (HEB), topped with 5 light Laughing Cow triangles (HEA). Or, if I just want cheese then I'll have 3 mini light Baybel (HEA).


Completely depending, once again, on how organised I've been. If I've made chilli or meatballs the night before then I'll have that with some vegetables (Marks & Spencer do these awesome little packages of veg that you can steam in the microwave... they're two for £1 at the moment too, bargain!). I also really like M&S chunky steak (it comes in a can and looks a bit disconcerting when it's cold but I can assure you it tastes lush when hot!) so I'll have that with vegetables if I've not been organised enough to bring something from home. As it's getting a bit warmer I've started having salads more, either tuna or chicken normally, with plenty of cucumber, peppers and cabbage. I'll generally have some melon or grapes to follow, and possibly some nuts (synned, of course). My new favourite thing to have after lunch is a Kelloggs Fibre Plus bar (HEB). I particularly like the dark chocolate one and it actually tastes like a treat, rather than just a Healthy B.

If I'm on a green day then I tend to favour Batchelor's savoury rice, MugShots, barbecue beans or spaghetti hoops on toast (2 slices of Nimble wholemeal bread for a HEB). Plus fruit to follow.


Steak and salad is a massive favourite in my house. I love feta cheese so if I haven't already used my Healthy As for the day then I'll make a Greek salad to accompany the steak (8 olives are one syn). If I've had a big lunch then quite often I don't want to eat a massive dinner so I'll just have scrambled eggs or an omelette (again, using cheese as HEA if I've not already used them), sometimes accompanied by smoked salmon. If I've not had any fruit or veg as part of my main meal then I'll either have some pineapple or I'll make some veg crudities and munch them in front of the TV.

If I'm on a green day then I'll either have some Slimming World chips (AMAZING) with eggs, savoury rice (if I've not had it for lunch) or a jacket potato with a HEB portion of tuna. Plus salad and/or fruit.


I do tend to try and have between 5 and 15 syns a day but I have to admit to 'tweaking' the plan from time to time and saving the majority of them for the weekend (I do like a good night out after all). Currently I tend to use my syns for things like peanut butter (4.5 syns per tbsp), Cadbury's chocolate mousse (3 syns for the low fat one, 5 syns for the regular one), nuts, alcohol (I tend to stick to gin and slimline tonic... 2 syns for a 25ml measure!) and whatever sweets or biscuits are lying around the office. Krispy Kreme doughnuts are 11.5 syns (for a glazed original) so those are kept for VERY special treats.

So there you go. That's a typical day for me. In addition I drink at least 2 litres of water a day, plus 4 or 5 cups of either green, fennel or peppermint tea. I try and have at least 5 portions of fruit and veg a day and I generally end up having about 7. I also try to make sure that I have at least 2 superspeed foods a day (strawberries, broccoli, melon).

Writing it all down I realise that I'm actually quite disciplined about what I eat! Who'd have thunk it?!


leddy said...

thanks a mil for writing this all out. i was going to email u and ask you for a typical day's eating plan. You are very very disciplined! Need to get into that frame of mind :-)

Helen said...

Ah that's no problem! Like I've just said in my latest post, if there's any help you want and you think I might be able to give it, get in touch! x

Anonymous said...

You're so much better than me! I don't think I eat enough...but sometimes I just can't fit any more in!