Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Size 12

Today I bought a skirt. It's a SIZE 12.

Actually I bought two in a size 12 and one in a size 14.

This is unbelieveable.

I haven't been a size 12 since I was at school. Bizarrely, despite losing quite a lot of weight, I didn't think that I'd dropped any dress sizes. Admittedly my work clothes (in sizes 16 and 18) are hanging off me but I just didn't consider that I might be able to buy a smaller size. Years of conditioning myself to head straight for the biggest size in the shop has obviously made me crazy.

I picked up the size 16s and was about to head for the changing rooms when I had second thoughts and grabbed smaller sizes. I was in shock when they fitted. I still am.

Admittedly the size 12s probably only fit because of the style of skirt (elasticated waist and jersey type material) but I'm still over the bloody moon!

My credit card is crying as we speak.


Sarah said...

Its a fantastic feeling, well done :) xx

TheBCH said...

jealous! i can't remeber ever being a size 12. i think maybe in highschool?? lol ive been a 16 for as long as i know, at the mo dispite being a 36f cup im a size 14-16 on top i was a 20. but on the bottom im wearing 18s and they are falling off me, but size 16s wont go near me. i'm on of these people who are constantly prattling on about how pant sizes should be more than just an increase in waist size, i'm sick of picking up size 16 waisted pants that obviously have size 8 waist legs in them lol i has big thighs lol but wel done :)

Helen said...

Sarah - Thankyou! It's fantastic yet very strange! x

BCH - I haven't been a size 12 since I was about 14! I too get very sick of trousers that aren't properly sized up. It's ridiculous!

emilia. said...

wow you're doing a great job! congrats. :)
and cute blog!

much love,
emilia @

Helen said...

Emilia - Many thanks! xx