Friday, 9 September 2011

Weigh In #1

Oops. Just 3 months late then, Helen.

I've not got a lot to say, to be honest. This year has been monumentally awful in many respects but I just want to draw a line under it now and start again. Hence the fact my weigh in number in the post title has been re-set to 1.

There is more on my regular blog about what's been happening but not too much detail. That's just for me and a couple of my closest friends.

I weighed in on Tuesday and I've gained 22 pounds since last December.

Thats over a stone and a half.

To say I'm disappointed in myself would be to belittle my feelings on the matter. So I won't say anything. Other than that I'm back. And this time I'm doing it. Feel free to bully me if I don't post my weigh in each and every week. Please.

Starting Weight: 227 pounds
Current Weight: 175 pounds
Weight Gain: 22 pounds (since my lowest weight of 153 pounds)
Total Weight Loss: 52 pounds
Target Weight: 140 pounds

35 pounds to go!


Jennifurrrrr said...

I know you can shift that easy sweetheart!
Really glad you're back on it :)

Olivia Jane said...

Glad you're back! Not only are you inspiring, you're entertaining as hell. Good luck!

Amy said...

I'm waving my "GO HELEN" flag as hard as I can for you x

Laura said...

well done for starting again! i think setting the weigh-in number back to #1 is the best thing to do - a fresh start.

i started my own weightloss blog today. honestly, i want to faint everytime i look at it.


Miss Havisham said...

You're back on track. That's what matters.