Wednesday, 20 October 2010


Ah, it's been a while since I wrote anything other than a weigh in post hasn't it? Apologies neglected blog! I'm back. With a vengeance.

To combat the slightly miserable nature of the last post I thought I'd focus on some of the positive things that losing 65.5 (!) pounds has brought about, as well as a couple of not so positive things that are slightly odd in nature. Despite moaning that I've not lost very much recently, I do still get a little shock every time I see that number written down!

1) Shoes. Yes, shoes. I've gone down about 1.5/2 shoe sizes since January. Bizarre yet incredible. Also, as I'm no longer carrying the same amount of fat that I was, I can wear high heels and not be in agony. I used to be only able to wear the smallest heels, and even then my feet would hurt after about ten minutes. These days I trot around in super high heels all day and don't even get a twinge.

Various work outfits, taken in about July this year I think

2) Work clothes. It's no secret that I was hugely ashamed of my weight at the start of the year. I wore the same clothes to work every single day, in an attempt to hide my great bulk. A pair of size 18 black baggy trousers (that I couldn't button up after I'd eaten my (admittedly huge) lunch), a pair of battered black ballet pumps,one of a selection of baggy tunics/ill fitting blouses and a long black cardigan that had seen better days. I wore my hair scraped back and didn't really bother with make up. Now I wear pencil skirts, brightly coloured tights, fitted tops, three quarter sleeve cardigans, nice jewellery and high heels. I also make an effort to straighten my hair and wear it down (most days) and wear make up. It takes me three times as long to get ready in the morning but I feel professional, well groomed and pretty damn good most of the time.

3) I feel the cold. I never ever ever used to get cold. In the middle of winter I'd still be walking around with short sleeves and wearing flip flops. I think the blubber I was carrying kept me warm, almost like a security blanket. If I walked into the office and the radiator next to my desk was on then I'd be sweating almost instantly and I'd have to turn it off. Now I need that radiator on full blast to stop me turning into an icicle. However, this also means that I finally get to embrace winter coats, gloves, scarves and hats. Before I lost weight I couldn't wear them as I'd be too hot, even in sub zero temperatures. I used to covet the gorgeous coats in shops (that never looked right on me anyway as they just made me look even bigger) and bemoan the fact it just wasn't worth me spending the money on one. Now I wander around in my new fake fur coat, leather gloves and ear muffs. And it's only October.

4) Lady pains. Ahem. This might be TMI but I never used to get period pains. At all. I think my body was in such discomfort generally as a result of being so overweight that any pain I may have felt was masked by bloating caused by such an unhealthy diet. Now I get pains. A lot. In a way though, and this will sound strange, I kind of like it. I used to think that I was barren and doubted that I'd ever have children. I don't particularly want children but now I feel like my body is capable of having them, if ever I did decide to. The body is a magical machine, if maintained correctly.

 October 2010

5) Size. This is an obvious one but always worth pointing out. For the first time in my adult life I can fit into size 12 clothes. Not all size 12s fit me, but a lot do. I honestly do not remember even buying a size 12 before. If I did it must have been when I was about 14. Which is 14 years ago. Crazy. Those leather shorts above are my new big love.

What changes have you seen since losing weight that have surprised you?


Gayle said...

You look A-MAY-ZING!

Hold onto that feeling and use it when you feel down and de-motivated. Look at your fab pictures and tell yourself you look great!

Congratulations on one hell of an achievement!

Lauren said...

inspirational - well done lovely! and I am SUPER jealous of the leather shorts!! xxxx

Bronagh said...

Just stumbled across your blog and thought I'd say hello. Your progress is really inspiring and you look great in your photos :)

This is slightly off-topic, but i absolutely love the boots you're wearing in the last photo! Where are they from?


littlemiss_jess said...

I loved reading this. I have lost 1 shoe size so far. I cant wait till wearing heels doesnt hurt. your such an inspiration

Helen said...

Gayle - Thankyou so much! I do try and take a step back and see how far I've come but it's hard sometimes...

Lauren - Thankyou!!

Bronagh - Hello! And sorry for the late reply. My boots are actually Dr Martens but they're about 3 years old. And thankyou for the lovely comment! x

Jess - Thankyou Jess! xx