Monday, 6 September 2010

An explanation

Oops. I think it's about time I wrote and explained my absence from here.

I've been in a bit of a rut, to be honest. I weigh myself at home every day (I know it's not the Slimming World way but I know exactly how my scales measure up compared to the ones at group) and, last Tuesday morning, despite having had a 100% week and having no more than 50 syns, I'd gained 2 pounds. Inexplicable and really really frustrating. I didn't see the point in going to group only to be told what I already knew, so I skipped it. And, of course, for the whole of Tuesday, I ate anything and everything that I could lay my hands on instead.

I woke up on Wednesday and I'd gained another 1.5 pounds.

I was incredibly down and starting to feel like I'd never get any smaller than I am now. The dreaded plateau had reared its ugly head and I felt bloated and horrific. I'd conveniently forgotten that star week was due and had instead decided I was just always going to be fat. Ridiculous.

It got to Friday and I'd been 100% again from Wednesday onwards and still the scales weren't going down. Cue more frustration. Then I realised that I've been doing this for almost 8 months. I've been eating the same things week in, week out for 8 months. So I've changed things up. I'm eating less fruit and far more vegetables (before only one of my five a day was coming from vegetables, now four are). I'm eating more fish (which I never normally eat) and I'm sticking mainly to red days (my body does not like carbs, fact).

This morning I'm the lowest weight I've ever been (for as long as I can remember anyway) and although not looking forward to weigh in tomorrow, I'm not filled with dread.

I tried a pair of trousers on last night that I bought in New York in 2000, the year I left school. They were tight on me even then. Now? They're loose. Rather fitting considering I'm off to New York next week.

Here's to being thinner than I was at 18!!

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littlesquidge said...

Well done on coming back from it! And well done on changing things around and losing weight again. You are doing so well and are so inspiring.