Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Weigh In #21

Two pounds off! Unfortunately I feel like I've let myself down this week. I was perfect up until Saturday night. 100% on plan, loads of water, scan bran every day, at least five portions of fruit and vegetables every day. Then Saturday night hit and I ate half a tub of Ben & Jerry's. Then Sunday came and I'd promised to make cookies for the staff at work. Obviously I had to test them. Six cookies later and I was feeling pretty sorry for myself.

So I'm probably quite lucky that I lost two pounds. I wanted three, but ice cream and cookies do not a three pound loss make.

In other news, the size 14 skirt that I bought three weeks ago is now getting a bit big. And, bizarrely, my feet have gone down from a size 6 to a size 4.5! One of the stranger side effects of my weight loss! Also, I can't tremember the last time I was below 13 stone. It must have been about 10 years ago!

Tomorrow is a new start. No more ice cream. No more cookies. Onwards and upwards! I want my 3.5 stone award next week. No, scratch that, I need my 3.5 stone award next week!

Starting Weight: 227 pounds
Current Weight: 180 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 2 pounds
Total Weight Loss: 47 pounds
Target Weight: 140 pounds

 40 pounds to go!


TheBCH said...

i was a size 9 in shoes, i'm now between and 7 and 8 i even have a pair of trainers that are a 6.5 so it's not so random hun, well done you :)

P said...

Loving the determination!

kirstyb said...

sounds like your doing good. having a lapse every now and then is ok just start again the next day. xxx

Helen said...

BCH - It just seems weird, as I didn't think you could have 'fat' feet!

P - Thanks hon, am trying!

Kirsty - Yep, that's the way I look at it these days. No point beating myself up about it as then the lapse will continue!

Becca. said...

wow, your doing really well, keep it up!

thankyou for the comment on my blog :)