Monday, 3 January 2011

Happy New Year!

Hello my slimming lovelies!

Yes, it is me. I'm back. It's been a while I know but I fell unceremoniously off the wagon shortly before Christmas and made the decision to just put my slimming on hold until the new year. Which is now here and, as promised to myself, I've been duly back on plan since I woke up yesterday morning.I was actually craving fruit and vegetables and I feel really good, even though it's only been a couple of days. Amazing how much my body has changed, I actually felt like it was crying out for healthy food!

I thoroughly enjoyed my Christmas completely off plan and I don't regret a single mouthful. I ate whatever I wanted for about ten days and it was glorious. I've probably gained about a stone but, you know what, I really don't mind. I know that, now I'm back on plan, the weight will fall back off and I'm still hopeful that I'll hit my target before my one year anniversary (19th January). But, if I don't, it's not the end of the world and I'll get there eventually.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas (if you celebrate it) and that 2011 will be fantastic for all of you! xx


kiss*your*elbow said...

You have such a great attitude to life, i find it really inspiring!
i have had about a month off sw, but am joinging a new group tonight.
You're right about getting there eventually, it's all part of the journey!

Amy said...

I start Slimming World - as in, going to the classes and doing it properly - on Saturday.

I am terrified! I want to lose five stone this year, and although I know it's possible it's also very scary.

Anyway, I have a slimming blog now too. I'm hoping writing about things helps.

Lauren said...

good luck tonight lovely =)

Lauren xxx

littlemiss_jess said...

well done on making the brave decision to forget until new year. It's great that you are back on track and you'll be at target in no time! xxx