Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Weigh in #36


Finally, a good loss! It's been a long time coming but it was worth the wait. I did have an extremely good week food-wise so I think it's well deserved. I went out on Saturday night and had a few drinks but stuck religiously to spirits and diet mixers (save for one apple juice when the diet lemonade ran out!). I definitely didn't go anywhere near my limit on my syns and thankfully the scales rewarded me last night.

Oh, and I won Miss Slinky at my group too. Which is lovely and quite unexpected. As I won Woman of the Year at my group earlier in the year, I wasn't really expecting the second award! Gratefully received though and I'm just waiting to hear from my Consultant as to whether or not I meet the criteria to go forward to the district finals. As I missed out for Woman of the Year, I'm really hoping I can go this time!

So, I'm now 1 pound away from getting my 5 stone award. It feels like this award has been a long time coming (which it has really, I got my 4.5 stone award in September!) but I'm hoping that I'll get it next week.

Also, I'm finally under 20 pounds away from my target! BOOM!

Starting Weight: 227 pounds
Current Weight: 158 pounds
Weight Loss This Week: 4 pounds 
Total Weight Loss: 69 pounds
Target Weight: 140 pounds

18 pounds to go!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations! That's such great news! Less than 20lb from target, wow! :)
It's very encouraging to hear that even so close to target it's still possible to have such a great loss. I'm not forgetting about your recent struggles, just looking forward to the good bits... :)
Hope it carries on in this vein!
Vicky x