Friday, 16 April 2010

No Weigh In

You might have noticed that there was no weigh in post this week. If you didn't, who can blame you. There was no weigh in post because there was no weigh in. Because I was in wonderful Barcelona! Four glorious days and nights in one of my now favourite cities in the world. I had the best of intentions, really I did. I was going to take packets of scan bran with me. I was going to buy fruit from the supermarket every day. I was going to drink gin and slimline tonic.

I did none of the above.

I drank beer and sangria and red wine. I bought cheese, chorizo, bread and crisps from the supermarket. I didn't take any scan bran with me. I ate tapas until I was stuffed. I drank too little water. I didn't hold back at all.

I fear the scales on Tuesday!

However, since I've been back I have been back on track. Mostly. About 80%. Which isn't really good enough. So for the next four days I'm going to be a Slimming World machine. Cross your fingers for me, won't you?


Sarah said...

I did not make it to weigh in the week before last. Ate VERY badly and drank much to much wine. On Wednesday I was dredding what the scales were going to say, but they said I had lost a pund and half yay!! So you may have a nice surprise xxx

em said...

you need a little break from the healthy food to make your body appreciate the salad :{
Its like how I justify walking halfway through a run - I'm just doing it to shock my body when I start running again.

Helen said...

Sarah - I don't think I'll get a loss but I do feel like I've lost the weight I gained in Barca. Which is awesome! xx

Em - A little break, yes. But this was 5 days of stuffing as much tapas and beer into my face as possible. Oops! I always walk in the middle of a run. Usually because I fear passing out! xx